Vincent Chevalier

Vincent Chevalier is an artist who melds autobiography, documentary research, and appropriated media to construct uncanny works on screen. This interdisciplinary practice has roots in his earliest experiments with performance and video. His projects constitute an autoethnographic study of AIDS and queer sexuality as they relate to personal narratives and larger social, political, and historical contexts. In 2018, he will be producing new work that takes on AIDS nostalgia within an expansive canon of queer film, representing queer longing through the production of videographic ‘still lives’ or vanitas.

He is currently based in Toronto where he splits his time between his work as a web developer and other creative projects.



  • Upcoming production residency at Western Front

    Updated deadline for applications: Feb. 23

    July 2018. Currently seeking a Director of Photography, Prop Master (Production Designer), and Lighting Designer for a small independent project that will be produced at Western Front as part of a production residency in July 2018. Click for more details.

  • "10 Artists Who Are Taking Care" by Amber Berson

    Canadian Art. Dec. 21, 2017. "Vincent Chevalier is known for work that explores his relationship to HIV/AIDS. Now, he refuses to turn trauma into entertainment. Read on for other artists practicing strategies of care."

  • "We Have Never Been 'Post-AIDS'" by Adam Barbu

    Canadian Art. April 13, 2017. Text featuring the work of various artists including Vincent Chevalier, Shayo Detchema, Shan Kelley, Jessica Whitbread, and Mikiki. "A look at five artists from a new generation who explore alternative readings of HIV/AIDS, activism and resistance."

  • "DePaul Art Museum exhibit explores AIDS pandemic" by Charlene Haparimwi

    The DePaulia. April 10, 2017. Exhibition review for "One day this kid will get larger" curated by Danny Orendorf.

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